About Us

Helping to get you there

Tips and shared experiences working with cloud cutting edge technologies

Whether you are starting or you have already some experience with cutting edge technologies like containers (dockers), Kubernetes, OpenStack, KVM, SDN or network virtualization, you will find important tips, shared experiences or recipes that will get you to get there, at the point in time where you will feel comfortable building and playing. Creating or automating your own stuff.

We are technology junkies of different ages and with a variety of skills. Some have been working for many years with Unix/Linux systems. Seeing the evolution of the cloud. From when Service Providers started to fight to sell their own massive email service, before smartphones, before gmail, when google search was just experimental with an ugly interface. Then seeing how software evolves to the point that hardware passes to be just a commodity.

Others are part of this new generation that can’t survive without the phone for some minutes and believe in instant gratification. The usage of open source as the only tool to do anything. That business should be fully digital and there is no other way to develop, but containers.

You can reach us at facebook and send a message if you want to be part of this team and contribute. The only requirement is to love technology and write about it.