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This is an Overview of the Fundamental components for Kubernetes networks like Network Namespaces and Pods. How pods, in a k8s cluster communicate inside a k8s nodes and between Kubernetes nodes. The most used k8s services like Cluster IP and NodePort. Also, the most popular in Public Clouds, like LoadBalancer. Info regarding Ingress controller, that’s actually, an application, that relies on all services above, to publish k8s deployments to the external world in a more advanced way. Then, we’ll cover a bit of CNI plugins, the builtin ones and third party plugins like Calico and Multus. Both plugins plugins are very popular in Telco cloud deployments.

A bit of Network security Policies. And Finally, we’ll bring a demo showing all those concepts and resources in a OnPrem k8s cluster using MetalLB for LoadBalancer services.

Links with info about how the lab for the demo was built:

Calico and MetalLB working together with BGP

On-premises Fedora34 K8s HA Cluster with kubeadm and Calico


Network Namespaces Basics Explained in 15 Minutes by KodeKloud

Pods and Containers – Kubernetes Networking | Container Communication inside the Pod by TechWorld with Nana

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Kubernetes Networking Guide for Beginners


 – Understanding Kubernetes Networking Part 3: Calico Kubernetes CNI Provider in depth. by The Learning Channel


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